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Shanghai Disneyland Castle Lights Up the Night

July 15, 2016

   Last month, Shanghai Disneyland opened and with it came a whole new magical Disney experience! With new spins on classic rides, Disney has really stepped up their game. Shanghai Disneyland is now the proud home of the largest Disney princess castle to date. At a whopping 196.8 feet tall, the Enchanted Storybook Castle hosts attractions, shops, dining, and shows.

     The castle show is truly something to marvel at. Mickey and his friends put on a spectacular show with lights and fireworks galore. Birket is thrilled to be a part of this experience by having provided castle and stage strobes to Shanghai Disneyland. There are 463 strobes spread out over the castle exterior and 82 strobes for just the stage alone. First installed for Ignite the Dream and used throughout Disney’s Golden Fairytale Fanfare show, these strobes can be seen during multiple shows throughout the day.

SB 040 Strobes Both rev1

The SB-040QD and SB-041QD strobes provided have the same body. The castle stage strobes (SB-041QD) have an LED that is angled at 45 degrees, while the castle exterior strobes (SB-040QD) have a flat LED. Both are available in RGB or single color white. This allows a variety of effects to be created. Customers can create their own customized shows with these powerful DMX strobes.




Written by Melanie Linscott