LED Pumpkin Puck

Birket has heard the requests from lighting and haunted attraction designers to create a robust indoor/outdoor-use flicker device and has delivered. The Pumpkin Puck may be used in groups or individually, powered by battery or house power, and may be placed in your favorite display to create windblown, fireplace, or soft candle effects.


• Haunted Attractions • Restaurant Ambience
• Cove Lighting • Stage Shows


Available Colors

• Red • Green
• Blue • Amber
• Cool White • Neutral White
• Warm White  



• Waterproof

• Safe 12VDC operationFlicker Effect

• May be powered by battery or power supply

• Windblown, fireplace, or soft candle effect selectable prior to shipment

• Completely encapsulated packaging for use outdoors or with environmental effects

• Individual use or gang up to six pucks with a single power supply 50 feet away

• Jeweled lens for authentic flicker effect

Additional Information