660 LED Brik-16 Controller

660 LED Brik-16S, 16-channel 660mA LED strobe controller in NEMA12 enclosure
660 LED Brik-16SS, 16-channel 660mA LED strobe controller in stainless-steel or fiberglass NEMA4X enclosure

The 660 LED Brik-16 controller provides for individual DMX control of sixteen SB-010QD LED strobes. Resident random flash function may be used without a DMX input.

660 LED Brik-16 Controller Stainless Steel660 LED Brik-16 Controller Fiberglass


  • Simple operation uses one DMX address per strobe channel.
  • Rugged NEMA12 powder-coated black or NEMA4X stainless-steel housing.
  • Available 5-pin XLR or RJ45 DMX connectors.
  • May be daisy-chained with any number of Brik controllers.
  • Strobe cables may be 200 ft. long.
  • UL listed power supply.